Tips on Buying Area Rugs

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By Susan M. Keenan

Area rugs provide unique floor coverings that range in price from inexpensive to quite costly. The price is typically determined by the materials used to craft the area rug as well as its size and the manufacturer who makes it.

Homeowners have endless choices when it comes to buying an area rug since they are available in different colors, patterns, styles, fabric, and more. Knowing what you want to achieve with the area rug can help you to determine exactly what it is that you need to purchase.

Are you looking for an area rug that complements the room’s décor? Do you want a rug that will elevate the room and bring it up a little in the mind’s eye? Perhaps you simply want to cover an ugly floor. Maybe, you are looking to give the room some personality. Whatever the reason behind your decision to purchase an area rug, numerous choices are available.

No matter what reason you have for purchasing an area rug, its functionality and practicality are benefits that you are going to get from your purchase. Area rugs cover up old floors, add a touch of warmth to a room, and look nice. Plus, they can be used to warm floors that have a tendency to be cold to the touch.

Tips on Buying Area Rugs: Color

Whenever you choose to buy a rug of any kind, you should consider the color carefully. The color should blend with the existing furnishings and window treatments in the room. Try to select an area rug that enhances the colors that are already displayed in the room. Since the area rug is going to provide one of the largest visual displays in the room, the colors should be pleasing to your eyes.

Tips on Buying Area Rugs: Size and Shape

Measure the size of your room as well as the size of the area where you wish to place the rug before you begin searching for the perfect area rug. In some cases, it is easier to adjust the space where you will place the rug rather than to go find another rug. That is why it is important to have both measurements.

It is important to have a border of approximately one foot around the entire perimeter of the rug. This space sets the area rug off and gives it the proper exposure. If you are buying an area rug to fit beneath a table and chair set or a desk and chair, measure enough space to allow the chair to be pushed back while remaining on the rug.

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