Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tips and Trivia

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The Beginning of the Thanksgiving Tradition

Today Americans connect with loved ones on Thanksgiving in the same spirit of unity and blessing that the Pilgrims and Indians did centuries ago. 

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Why the leaves change color

The beauty of autumn has been expressed as nature’s last fling before winter.  There are many stories that explain why leaves change color when the weather turns colder. 

Fashion and Shopping

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Jeans too short? How to avoid the “Waiting For The Flood” Look

So you’ve haphazardly thrown a pair of your beloved denim jeans into the dryer only to discover that upon the next wear you look like you’ve grown three inches.

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Is Your Makeup Really Organic

When a seemingly innocuous product such as nail-polish can contain harmful substances such as toluene or formaldehyde, it is increasingly important to try to buy safe cosmetics.

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The History of Blue Jeans

No single piece of clothing is as classic and timeless as the venerable blue jean. But where did this fabric and clothing style originate?