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Five Popular Varieties of Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are an easy fruit to grow. They love sun and heat, so they are typically grown from April to August. To successfully grow tomatoes, make sure to wait until after the last frost. Most people purchase plants rather than starting from scratch with seeds. If you start with seeds, you may want to begin the growing process earlier in the season and keep them inside to protect from the cold. The following are five popular varieties of tomatoes that can grow almost anywhere.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are the smallest of all tomato varieties. Similar to grape tomatoes, these small tomatoes are sweet and juicy. Great for salads and skewers, this tasty bite-sized fruit can also be offered as a healthy snack.

Roma Tomatoes

Slightly larger than cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes are easy to spot because of their oval shape. Being somewhat firm, the best way to judge ripeness is by the color. If red from top to bottom, the Roma tomato is ready to pick. The harvest time is 90-100 days. This fruit’s bold flavor is great for sauces and stews.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Brandywine is probably the most recognizable of the heirlooms. These large tomatoes are firm with a great texture. The Brandywine variety of tomato takes longer to mature than most tomatoes at 90-100 days.

The Cherokee Purple is also an heirloom that is rich in color. It’s deep reddish-purple color makes it really stand out. This variety of tomato takes 80-90 days to mature.

Better Boy Tomatoes

Better Boy tomatoes are a great medium-sized fruit that has a good balance of sugar and acidity. Being easy to slice makes them great for burgers and sandwiches. This fruit matures faster than some with a harvest time of 70-75 days. Better Boys are also more resistant to disease compared to some varieties.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

The most common of all varieties of tomatoes is the Beefsteak. Taking 75-80 days to mature, these large tomatoes are round, plump, and extremely juicy. Beefsteak tomatoes are great for burgers and sandwiches.

No matter what varieties of tomatoes you choose to plant, you cannot go wrong. Tomatoes are a great fruit that you can grow just about anywhere. You may want to plant different varieties of tomatoes to see which type you prefer.

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