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8 Ridiculously Famous Rabbits

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Sometimes in the world of entertainment things get a little quirky. Sometimes they even get quite “hare-y”. When this happens, it is probably because a famous bunny has come around. Adults and children alike know who these rabbits are, but there are more of them than you might imagine. How many of the following eight do you know?

The White Rabbit

Muttering out loud all about how late he is for a very important date, the strange White Rabbit is the very first character Alice comes face to face with when she enters Wonderland. In fact, she follows him down the rabbit hole right into Wonderland just to see what he is late for. If not for this famous rabbit, Alice in the Wonderland might never have happened.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit makes his presence especially well known to Mr. McGregor after his favorite vegetables go missing from his garden. Peter learns a valuable but hard life lesson when one of his theft attempts causes him to lose his clothes. Lucky for him, he did not lose his life as well, instead only catching a cold and suffering the humiliation of having to go home nude. After that, he makes a few more appearances in other Beatrice Potter books as well, though not as the main character.

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit made his first appearance in Gary K. Wolf’s novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” In 1988, Roger hit the big screen in the popular film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In the film, this quirky rabbit believes his wife had an affair with a man who is murdered. Because of this, everyone believes Roger committed the crime. By the end of the film, though, his innocence is proven.

The Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny made his debut in the 1980s for an Energizer battery commercial. Though he was not alone in his first appearance, he made enough noise to quickly grab everyone’s attention. Beating his drum, the pink rabbit lets the world know that he keeps going and going and going. To this day, he still spreads that message.


Who else but Winnie-the-Pooh’s friend Rabbit can go by a name simply stating what he is? Perhaps no other rabbit ever could. And no other rabbit ever can now, because whenever they name is uttered everyone thinks of the one and only rabbit friend of Pooh. He made his debut in 1926 in the very first book A. A. Milne wrote about Winnie-the-Pooh And had been warning Pooh and his friends of danger ever since.

The Trix Rabbit

The Trix Rabbit made his first appearance for children all over the United States in 1954. To this day, he still tries to get his paws on the beloved fruity cereal, only for the silly rabbit to inevitably be reminded that Trix are for kids. This never seems to stop him from trying, though.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny outshines all the other stars of the Looney Tunes cast. His mischievous ways began in 1940 and he has since starred in over 150 Warner Brother’s cartoons. This is one cartoon character that will never be forgotten. He has proven to stand the test of time and adapt to at least four generations worth of children. He even entertained the troops during World War II.

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny might just be the most famous rabbit of all time. They say children first began hearing of him in Germany because they symbolize fertility there. Since eggs are also a sign of fertility, the two of them somehow got paired together to form the myth of the Easter Bunny. It spread throughout Europe and eventually to America. Now this famous bunny is expected to bring goodies each year to children all over the world, much like Santa Claus does.

How did you do? Did you know all or most of these famous rabbits? If so, perhaps you learned a bit more about them as you read. It is amazing how long some celebrities can endure the spotlight, especially for an animal.

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