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How well do you know NASCAR?

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If you love motorsports, you have probably seen at least one NASCAR oval race. This popular form of racing offers short track races, one-mile tracks, superspeedways, and road courses that test the driver’s driving skills.

As a fan, test how much you know about your favorite driver and NASCAR.

  1. Who won the first NASCAR strictly stock race at the Charlotte Fairgrounds in N.C.?   
  2. What does NASCAR stand for?  
  3. Who was the first woman to race in a NASCAR stock car race?  
  4. How many team members are on the pit crew for each team?  
  5. Who was known as “The Man in Black”?  
  6. How do other drivers know that someone is a rookie driver?  
  7. Who won the most consecutive championships from 2006 to 2010?  
  8. Which race was the first race to be televised from start to finish on national television?  
  9. During the Daytona 500 in 2012, which driver ran into the jet dryer?  
  10. Which NASCAR driver was the first to win 20 races in one season?  
  11. What is car owner Jack Roush known as by fans and other racers?  
  12. How many flags are there in a NASCAR race
  13. What is the maximum a NASCAR car can weigh?  
  14. What is the horsepower of a NASCAR engine?  
  15. Which driver goofed and worked on his right fender on live television while under a red flag at the 2002 Daytona 500 race?  
  16. What is the groove on a NASCAR track
  17. What does a NASCAR fabricator do?  
  18. Junior Johnson won 50 races, was an inaugural Hall of Fame inductee, and was a team owner. He also served time in prison. What was his special crime?  
  19. What is a restrictor plate?  
  20. One NASCAR driver hosted “Saturday Night Live.” Name him.  
  21. Who was the first African-American to win a race in a NASCAR series?  
  22. What year were restrictor plates added to the cars in the superspeedway races?  
  23. In 1999, Jeff Gordon had a comic book character painted on his car. Who was it?  
  24. What kind of car did Red Byron drive to win the first NASCAR championship in 1949?  
  25. In 2006, which former driver brought Toyota to the Sprint Cup competition?  
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If you scored high, you know your NASCAR facts and drivers.  

Now, go take a victory lap and enjoy your win!!

  1. Jim Roper – 1949
  2. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
  3. Janet Guthrie finished 15th in the World 600 Winston Cup race.
  4. Seven: gas man, catch-can man, rear tire changer and carrier, a jackman, and a front tire changer and carrier.
  5. Dale Earnhardt
  6. There is a yellow strip on the rookie car’s rear bumper.
  7. Jimmy Johnson
  8. The Daytona 500 in 1979
  9. Juan Pablo Montoya
  10. In 1967 Richard Petty won 27 races.
  11. The Cat in the Hat because he is always wearing his Panama hat.
  12. 8 flags: Red – race is stopped; White – last lap; Black and white checkered – race is over, Blue – move over, Yellow – caution, Green – go, Black -the driver needs to leave; Green and white checkered – the race stage is over.
  13. 3,400 pounds, including the driver and all safety gear.
  14. An unrestricted 850 horsepower / 630kW while staying with the basic engine layout.
  15. Sterling Marlin
  16. It is the best way around the track.
  17. They make the sheet-metal body for the car.
  18. Moonshining – his pardon came from President Reagan in 1986.
  19. It restricts the airflow in the engine to keep speeds down.
  20. Jeff Gordon
  21. Wendell Scott
  22. 1988
  23. Superman
  24. Oldsmobile
  25. Michael Waltrip

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