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Tips for adding shine to your hair


You can have luscious, shiny hair like the models on television shampoo advertisements have at the fraction of the cost spent on making their hair shine for the camera. The following top tips show you how.

Add chamomile as a final rinse during your hair washing routine, if you have blond hair and desire subtle highlights and shine. To make a fragrant herbal rinse add a cup full of chamomile flowers to simmering water, about a pint will do. Continue to simmer the concoction for ten minutes before straining the liquid from the flowers with which to rinse your hair.

Add shine to brown locks in a similar fashion using rosemary. The aromatic herbal infusion will make your hair smell lovely and make it shimmer in the light.

Leave conditioner in your hair for up to ten minutes after washing, before the final rinse, to make your hair silky, soft and shiny. In addition, put glossing cream on your fingertips and run your fingers through your hair.

Alternatively, rinse your hair with cider vinegar. Add a couple of tablespoons to the water with which you intend to rinse your hair. The water will dilute the vinegar smell, ensuring your hair is not left vinegar scented, while the vinegar magically adds shine to your tresses.

It is important to provide your body with the right nutrients to keep your hair healthy so that it can naturally shine. Eating foods that contain vitamins and having enough calcium in your diet will help your hair stay in excellent condition.

Avoid using heated hair appliances, as they can make your hair dry and produce frizz, which will ultimately cause it to be dull and lifeless.

If you need to use a hairdryer, hold it at least a couple of inches away from your scalp. Move the dryer around your hair instead of keeping it in one spot for too long to minimize damage.

Chemical treatments can have similar results to heat. Luckily, producers of hair colorants have come to realize this. Some hair dyes are made from natural ingredients that are better for your hair.

Trim the ends of your hair every six weeks to minimize the occurrence of splits. Moreover, eat a balanced diet, avoid heated hair appliances and employ a natural herbal rinse and your hair will shine beautifully.

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