person wearing beige flats while sitting on bench

Flirty in Flats


Yes, you read it right.  Whoever said that the words “sexy” and “flirty” only pertain to high heels is gravely mistaken.  Although it’s true that stilettos and pumps can make your legs look longer and your body slimmer, flats can have a similar effect with a little know how from the wearer.

You can look flat-out flirty without having to subject your feet to the strain of heels.  Sexy stilettos may look nice but if you can’t walk properly wearing them, then it completely ruins the total effect.  Flirty flats, on the other hand, allow you to look posh and chic while leaving your feet relaxed and comfortable.  Pair it with a stylish outfit, and you may as well be the hottest gal in town with a casual glam look.

So how can you look stunningly sexy and flirty while wearing flats?

Consider the Color

 Sure, flats come in fun colors like shocking green, tangerine orange, sunny yellow and bloody red but before allowing fatal attraction to kick in, consider how it would affect your overall appearance.  If you want to look taller or slimmer, go for nude tones.  You can never go wrong with it as long as it matches your skin color.  It visually elongates your legs, giving an illusion of length.  If you’re blessed with good height, then go ahead and wear all those fun, bright colors!  You’ll surely pull it off.

 Details, details, details …

Just like everything else in fashion, details mean the world in your choice of flat shoes.  There are so many options laid out for you.  There are those with ribbons, laces, buckles and “blings”.  Others play with texture so you can choose from patent styles or animal skins like snake, ostrich or crocodile.    Flats with a tiny “pop” divert the attention and totally make up for the lack of heel. You can even pair it with stockings and tights to add excitement to your outfit.  If you want to create an illusion of length then go for a monochromatic look and match your flats and stockings.

Go for the Total Effect

 You may have the most fab flats but if it clashes with your outfit, then it won’t flatter you in any way.  Before grabbing a pair, make sure that it goes well with your clothes.  A fair warning: never wear heavy, chunky shoes with soft fabrics like laces.  Feminine fashion looks best with delicately styled shoes.  On the flip side, structured shoes look great with tailored cuts.

Want to look flirty in flats?  Absolutely possible!  Who would’ve thought that sexy could be flat-out comfortable?

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