red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water

Fantastic Facts about Fall

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The change of seasons is always something to marvel at. When autumn approaches the weather suddenly cools, the days shorten, and the colors around us change almost overnight. Fall is a spectacular season to behold. Here a few fun facts about autumn you may not know.

  • A full moon in autumn is known as the “Harvest Moon.”  It is said that farmers would work the harvest of their crops under the light of the Harvest Moon. This is because at this time of year, so many crops would ripen all at once that farmers would need the extra time in the fields to get everything done without losing crops.
  • The beautiful colors of the fall leaves is actually due to a lack of photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert energy from the sun to usable energy for the plant. This keeps plants green.
  • On the autumn equinox, which falls on September 22nd , you can actually stand an egg on end.  This can only occur twice throughout the year, the other date being the spring equinox.
  • South of the equator, fall actually begins in March rather than in September.  Plus, locations near the equator do not actually experience fall at all, or any traditionally recognized change of seasons.
  • The Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples actually goes back much further, to Roman times in fact.  When the Romans invaded Britain (and ultimately conquered the area), they brought apple trees with them. The Celtic equinox festival of Samhain soon adopted the apple as part of the celebration, and thus the bobbing for apple tradition was born.
  • Pumpkins, so popular in fall traditions were once used to cure snake bites.  They were also thought to be a cure for freckles. Additionally, it is said that the aroma of pumpkin pie can serve as an extremely potent aphrodisiac.
  • Many animals go through specific “traditions” of their own during the fall.  Birds migrate South as the weather turns colder, looking for warmer climates in which they can feed and roost. Animals such as squirrels on the other hand stay put but go about the arduous task of gathering nuts and acorns to last them through the cold winter months to come.
  • In Greek mythology, fall was the time of year that the goddess Persephone (goddess of Spring growth) rejoined her husband Hades in the underworld, only to reemerge the next year to start Spring anew.

Fall is a season of change and transition. It is also a season of mystery and wonder.  These fantastic fall facts will help you understand one of the most magical times of year just a little bit better.

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