Why you should love cupcakes

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Have you ever had a burning desire for a cupcake? Alternatively, perhaps, instead of sitting at your desk dreaming about eating delicious cupcakes, you’ve passed a cake display in the window of a bakery and the sight of the pretty decorations on each individual cake has made you grind to a halt. There again, maybe cupcakes are not your thing, and you can’t fathom why so many people seem to love them.

The increasing popularity of cupcakes can seem strange and even disturbing to non-cake lovers. Those without a sweet tooth might find themselves faced by cupcake displays at weddings and parties and in shop fronts. Everywhere they turn there seems to be a cupcake beckoning.

Online searches for the word cupcake have even increased. It may be assumed that people are looking for recipes, or simply enjoy glancing lovingly at the different ways cupcakes are decorated and finding ideas to use. The newfound love of cupcakes displayed by the populace may not be as strange as it seems however, as there are some compelling reasons why people can’t get enough of them.

Small is allowed

Increasing waistlines have led healthcare advisers to warn people to lay off junk food. A little of what you fancy though, is said to be good for morale. Eating a whole treacle tart then, is strictly out of bounds, and gorging on a bag of doughnuts is a no-no. One little cupcake however, might be classified as enjoying life in a culinary, sweet-toothed sense without pushing out the boat too far. In other words, one tiny cupcake can satisfy your need to indulge in a love of sugary food, but not make observers of your behavior tut under their breath and berate you.

Because you are special

Whoever thought of the idea of decorating each cupcake in different way was clearly on to a winning idea. People love being singled out as different and special, but also enjoy being part of a crowd. Choosing a cupcake that seems to reflect something personal about you, for example your love of animals or pink roses as depicted in icing or creamed sugar, helps you retain your individuality. At the same time, eating cupcakes like everyone else proves that you are still part of the gang.

Who would have guessed that something as simple as a cupcake could make people feel special, wanted and satisfied simultaneously? It would seem that if you don’t love cupcakes you could be missing out on a whole lot more than a decorated sponge.

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